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Modern facilities, situated at a major subway station in mid-town Toronto, with easy access to all areas of the city.

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SPEAC International Language Institute


Today's professionals worldwide will face an environment that requires advanced communication skills in the English language. A person's ability to communicate confidently in English immediately raises his/her potential for personal and professional development.

SPEAC students learn with the use of Apple iPad in a highly interactive classroom environment.

SPEAC is the dynamic way to study and learn English in Toronto, Canada

  • Advanced teaching for professional or academic goals
  • Modern facilities
  • Interactive multimedia learning environment
  • Individual attention
  • 8 students maximum/class
  • Dynamic methodology
  • Writing improvement using audio (mp3) feedback
  • Supportive multilingual staff
  • Free after-class activities
  • Excellent location… Toronto midtown


“ I was totally impressed with the demo SPEAC provided for International students want to learn ESL. Your high tech methods of teaching make learning English an enjoyable experience for the student. I will definitely recommend SPEAC to all international students”....Doris Holec from Homestay Plus.

"Many people are of the opinion that if they buy an english book they will have all the knowledge to talk properly this language. However, in Speac you can learn using other methods that make you feel comfortable speaking, reading and writing, but the most important is that you will improve your language no matter the level you are. Personally, I think that the electronic whiteboard is awesome, really helpful and funny at the same time! Additionally, Speac will give you an Ipad, Isn't it unbelievable?"....Jashira Laos Lavado from Lima, Peru

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Member of Languages Canada since May 2013
Member of Languages Canada

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